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CND Shellac

For all my manicure and pedicure treatments I use CND (Creative Nail Design) nail services Shellac, Vinylux along with the CND Spa ranges and gorgeous hand lotions.

If you are looking for nails that are smudge and scratch free, have zero drying time and an amazing mirror shine for up to 14 days? CND Shellac is for you!

If you prefer a more traditional treatment, along with Shellac ‘super polish’ I also provide traditional manicure and pedicure treatments, using CND’s amazing 7 day wear polish, Vinylux.

Shellac Nails


Shellac is the award winning power polish from CND. Shellac is hypo-allergenic and 3 free. Applied to your natural nail Shellac is then cured under a UV light so at the end of your service you are immediately left with dry, shiny, beautiful nails with chip free wear for up to 14 days+. When you want your Shellac removed, it simply soaks off in 10 minutes.

  • Shellac manicure

    Full manicure with Shellac application.

  • Shellac removal and reapplication

    Removal of existing Shellac, full manicure and finished with a re application of new Shellac.

  • Shellac removal and manicure

    Removal of Shellac followed by full manicure with nails buffed to a shine.

  • Shellac Pedicure

    Express pedicure with Shellac application.

  • Shellac toes removal and reapplication

    Removal of your existing Shellac, express pedicure and finished with a new Shellac application.

  • Shellac toes removal

    Removal of existing Shellac toes with an express pedicure.



For those who want a traditional file and polish, I use CND Vinylux polish. Launched in May 2013, Vinylux is a one of a kind polish that can last for up to a week chip free, it requires no base coat and dries within eight minutes. Unlike other polish brands that start to break down from the moment it is applied, Vinylux contains a revolutionary patent-pending pro light technology that reacts with natural and ambient lighting to become stronger the longer you wear it!

  • Express Manicure

    Cuticle work, File and Polish

  • Express Pedicure

    Cuticle work, file and polish.


Pamper Yourself

If you fancy treating yourself the CND spa range is heavenly. Indulge in nourishing blends of sweet almond and jojoba oils to soothe tired hands or feet, leaving them soft and smelling lovely.

  • SPA Manicure

    CuticlCuticle work, file, hand soak in a milky moisture bath, exfoliation, hand masque and hydrating lotion hand and lower arm massage. e work, File and Polish

  • Spa Pedicure

    Foot soak, cuticle work, file, exfoliation, hard skin removal, foot masque and hydrating lotion foot and lower leg massage.

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