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Lash and Brow

Eyebrow Grooming

People often underestimate quite how important your eyebrows are. Well-shaped eyebrows create the perfect frame for your face and compliment your facial features. I can help you create a beautiful eyebrow shape, or if you already have one, I can help you maintain that shape with regular maintenance appointments.

  • Eyebrow shape

  • Eyebrow maintenance


For those who just need a few stray hairs removing to maintain your perfect shape. This is usually a fortnightly appointment.

Billion Dollar Brows

This bespoke brow shaping treatment uses the unique patented BDB Brow Buddy tool. Firstly we will discuss and mark out your ideal brow shape. Once we have agreed, I will perfectly shape using a mixture of waxing and tweezing. We will then tint to enhance and define. The completed look is then created using special brow make-up to achieve a sleek, glamorous and groomed effect.

Please note: A skin sensitivity test is required 48 hours before your first treatment

  • Billion Dollar Brows



Tinting is a process where your eyelashes or eyebrows are dyed to make them look darker. Depending on your skin tone a variety of different colours from jet black, blue/black and many variations of brown can be achieved. Whether you are just looking for some extra depth of colour to your eyelashes at times when mascara can’t be worn or have dyed your hair dark and want eyebrows to match, tinting can be beneficial in lots of ways!

Worrying about not being able to wear mascara will be a thing of the past
Colours can be created to enhance your natural features
Create tint colours to match in with a new hair colour
If you have really fair hair so eyelashes and eyebrows are barely visible tinting can make all the difference

* Please be aware that a 48 hour patch test prior to your appointment is required to all new clients and existing clients who have not had a tinting treatment in the last 6 months *

  • Eyelash tint

  • Eyebrow tint

  • Both Eyelash and Eyebrow

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